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Smart Selection Service CarsOnTheWebCarsOnTheWeb introduces its ‘Smart Selection Service’ to its sellers. This brand new service will allow all leasing companies, manufacturers, dealers and fleetowners who sell their vehicles on our online car auction platform to include or exclude potential buyers based on a number of criteria.

To Johan Meyssen, CEO of CarsOnTheWeb, the Smart Selection Service is an affirmation of our continuous efforts to meet our sellers’ needs: “Sometimes it’s necessary for our sellers to be able to target specific buyers. For example, they might only want to export certain vehicles, and not sell them domestically. This tool allows them to do just that.”

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CarsOnTheWeb Easter hunt iPhone winnerRecently, German Country Manager, Thomas Bala traveled down to Altdorf (Germany) to hand the winner of the International CarsOnTheWeb Easter hunt his prize. Tayfun Topoglu from Autohauses am Schönbuch is now the proud owner of an iPhone 4S.

Thomas Bala was very excited to meet his satisfied customer: “ I’m very happy that I’m allowed to hand over this great prize to a customer who has been buying vehicles via CarsOnTheWeb since 2007!”.

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Rob Sipkens - online used car auction CarsOnTheWeb NetherlandsOn May 1st Rob Sipkens will take the position of auction leader at CarsOnTheWeb Netherlands. Sipkes has over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry. He was previously active as remarketing manager at Terberg Leasing.

Sipkes is  excited about his new CarsOnTheWeb challend: “Taking in to account the current shortage of used vehicles with Dutch car companies, I see a lot of growth potential for CarsOnTheWeb in the Netherlands. But also outside the Netherlands there is an interest in Dutch used vehicles because of the Dutch BPM law. As is the maintenance status and included options in our vehicles are desirable for other countries. At the same time, CarsOnTheWeb has a huge buyer network, an easy-to-use website and an iPhone app with bidding function.”

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On Thursday April 18th, at a cosy location in the Netherlands, a select group of automotive professionals attended the CarsOnTheWeb Netherlands kick-off event.

The evening started with a few words from CarsOnTheWeb CEO Johan Meysen. He was followed by Remco Otte, country manager of the Dutch subsidiary, who shared his vision and ambition for the company

Then things got a little more festive, as all attendees were treated to the comedy stylings of 'professor Willemse'. As you will see in the photo-gallery, the professor managed to put smiles on the faces of all the automotive professionals.

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To mark the recent launch, CarsOnTheWeb Netherlands was invited to speak on BNR radio, the radio station of the Dutch financial times (Het financiëel dagblad). On the BNR Autoshow a team of experts talks solely about the automotive industry and car market news. Right up our alley! So of course, our Dutch CarsOnTheWeb team gladly accepted the invitation!

Country Manager of CarsOnTheWeb Netherlands, Remco Otte, spoke eloquently about our online auction platform and our position on the Dutch and the international vehicle market.

You can listen to the full interview below to hear how CarsOnTheWeb works and also what advantages we have to offer to professional car traders. But please keep in mind that the interview is in Dutch.

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